I began my business in 1975 as a sole trader under
the name of A1 Lawn Moving Services, at this time we were catering to the domestic market with our Lawn
and Garden service.

My vision was to provide a quality service, to grow
at a pace I was comfortable with and to exceed my client's expectations.

Also with a mission to develop in the long term a competent team around me and provide them with the tools to maintain our high standard by educating and by purchasing quality machinery.

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In the following 5 years I acquired contracts maintaining corporate sites with companies such as Ford Motor Co, Carter Holt Harvey, St Cuthbert's College, Progressive Enterprises, St Johns and Monier Tiles HQ. The majority of these sites has extensive grounds to maintain.
I invested in new machines and employed 3 people.

In 1985 (Auckland Regional Authority) now with a name change to Water Care Services came on board. At this time I made a business decision to cater for the requirements of our commercial sites only. Some 25 years later we still retain business of several of these companies and have forged a personal relationship with their representatives.


In 2004, we created an Arborist team by employing a registered English Arborist and created a classroom and
associated qualifying standards through NZ Horticultural Industry Training Organizations Inc - see accompanying qualifications next page.

We currently have staff of 9 people, 7 full time and 2 part time.

We feel that with our extensive range of machinery and Alignments our small team can provide a very efficient service with an eye for detail. Our continued commitment to education and developments of staff members instills pride and our work procedures give the direction to regularly maintain high standards.

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